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Palermo felicissima, the ancient Panormos - theatre of the sun, city of royal palaces and lively markets, of emperors and inquisitors, rabbis and popes, magicians and scientists, collectors and museums, judges and murderers.


City of mosques and churches, sandstone and concrete, gold and dust, marbles and decay, lusted for by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevines, Aragonians, Austrians, Bourbons and by them all later neglected.


City of Leopards and paladins, where at the tables of its cafès cannoli and marzipan bewitched famous guests such as Wagner and Verdi, Goethe and Maupassant, Nelson and Garibaldi, van Dyck and Renoir, Coppola and Visconti.

Palermo, the Italian city whose distance from Italy is far more than a bridge, and yet the world is just a street away, where an alley can make a house and a square a stage, and whose many different languages sound just as one.


Palermo - a city where all is history.
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As licensed guides of AGT Palermo, we are all able to provide a wide choice of tours in the city and its surroundings for anyone at any age: guided visits for children at monuments with possible final workshop, as well as tours for schools of any degree and with all kind of programmes.


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